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  • Joymii Miela in Just Me 5

    Joymii Miela in Just Me

    At the shallow end of the pool, Miela dips her toes into the clear blue water and gazes longingly at you.  Bathed in warmth from the tropical weather, her naked young body glows, but she is not hot enough to submerge in the pool completely. She teases you, pressing her breasts forward for the camera […]

  • Joymii Ivy & Miela in Twosome Lust 1

    Joymii Ivy & Miela in Twosome Lust

    “Girls will be girls…” – thank heavens! Especially when the girls are Ivy and Melia! Could there be any two sexier girls around? And the fact that they are together in this very hot, very sensual video is the best part. These two really like to take things slowly… hey… no complaints here! : ) […]

  • Joymii Miela Blonde Ambition 4

    Joymii Miela Blonde Ambition

    When it comes to blondes, there are few as sexy and adorable as Miela. And when it comes to ambition – the ambition to experience pleasure, that is – there are few as ambitious as her too! No matter where she is, or what she’s doing, Miela always has the time, and the desire, to […]

  • Joymii Ariel & Miela in Cute Pussies 1

    Joymii Ariel & Miela in Cute Pussies

    When it comes to cute pussies… Ariel and Miela have two of the cutest. And they are both enjoying each others here… and it is so very hot. They really know hot to please each other and they do it so well. Maybe it’s because they like each other so much. Whatever the reason, we […]

  • Joymii Miela in Little Miss Morning 1

    Joymii Miela in Little Miss Morning

    Miela likes to have a little fun in the morning, and while she’s waiting for her laundry to be done, she figures she has just enough time to do that. And she doesn’t waste any time either. She grabs her favorite toy and gets started right away. She must have woken up exited because it […]

  • Joymii Miela & Tom in Sex 1

    Joymii Miela & Tom in Sex

    Well folks… here it is… Miela’s first sex video. We planned on doing just a masturbating video with Miela – which would have been great on it’s own! – but, fortunately for all of us, she was so horny, and got so exited, she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend Tom (who was at […]